Babalawo, Santería's High Priests by OrishaNet's Frank Baba Eyiogbe is due out in February 2015 on Llewellyn Worldwide!
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Santeria or La Regla Ocha (Rule of the Orishas or deities) is the primeval and powerful Afro-Cuban religion now practiced worldwide.


Obasa Web - Site of female oriate Maria Oggun Bemi

As much a culture and a world-view as it is a religion, La Regla Ocha retains the rites, music and even much of the language as practiced when brought to the New World from Africa during the slave trade.

In August 1995 Orishanet became the first Orisha website on the internet, and we remain the premier source of information about the Orishas and the traditions and heritage of La Regla Ocha (Santeria) and La Regla de Ifa. OrishaNet was created by Frank Baba Eyiogbe, a Babalawo residing in Los Angeles, California with over 16 years experience in Ifa as a Babalawo (High Priest) and over 21 years as an Orisha Priest (Santero).