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About OrishaNet

The purpose of OrishaNet is to provide accurate information to people within the religion to further their knowledge of La Regla Lucumí and for those people interested in the religion as well as the press. We are dedicated to being a source on the religion that won't be riddled with inaccuracies and misinformation.

The information here is accurate and is provided not by an Aleyo (outsider) but by an Babalawo (priest) with over 15 years in the religion. The practices, stories and principles depicted here vary (slightly) from ilé to ilé (from temple to temple). They are from one house in the Tata Gaytán branch of Ifá and the Pimienta branch in Ocha. I cannot say strongly enough that the information in OrishaNet is not a substitute for learning the religion from a knowledgeable santera or santero and if you wish to experience the religion you should locate a reputable santero in your area.

Godchildren: you should consult your godparents regarding any of the information here so that you will be working correctly within the traditions of your own line. RESPECT YOUR GODPARENTS AND YOUR ANCESTORS IN THE RELIGION!!!