Who Is My Orisha?

Why Find Out Who Your Orisha Is? Plante in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 23rd, 2007

When we come to this world, each of us are accompanied by an Orisha. That Orisha helps us to better our lives and is one of our first lines of protection in life. We share many of the traits of our Orisha, and many of the things which are suitable for our Orisha are also most suitable for us. And by knowing who our Orisha is, we also learn to know ourselves better. Knowing who is the "owner of our head" also helps us to lead more effective lives. And the more we live in harmony with our Orisha, the more harmonious our lives will be. For example, when a person finds out they are a child of Obatalá they know they usually function best over time and that when they are hurried they are at their least efficient. They need time alone and require peace and quiet. Children of Obatalá need to take very good care of their heads and should refrain from drinking heavily or taking drugs. When you know who your Orisha is, you also know who to approach when you need help in life. Therefore, the identity of our Orisha is extremely important for us in the religion.

How Do You Find Out Who Your Orisha Is?

Because our tutelary Orisha plays such an essential role in our lives, it is probably not surprising that the process of discovering the identity of our Orisha is a major ceremony in itself. There can be no guesswork in a task of such importance and is done by three Babalawos. This ritual is commonly known as a ‘Plante’ or Bajón and involves the highest Oracle available in the religion, namely the Table of Ifá. The Table of Ifá can only be used by fully initiated and trained Babalawos or ‘Fathers of the Secrets’. The Babalawos are the priests of Orunmila, the Orisha of Knowledge and Wisdom who was the only Orisha allowed to witness the creation of the Universe. In this divination Orunmila acts as the mouthpiece of Olodumare (God), and therefore the results are certain.

At this time we are limiting the amount of appointments for this important divination to 10. The cost for this divination will be $100.

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