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One Pig And His Family Avoids Slaughter

There was a pig who belonged to a wealthy pig farmer who devoted himself entirely to raising the biggest and fattest pigs to slaughter. He was famous around the area for his pigs and virtually everyone got their pigs from him.

This man would feed all his pigs every day with all sorts of good and fattening foods, and every day he would pick one of the fattest of the pigs from the corral to slaughter.

One of the pigs began to notice that each day one of the pigs turned up missing and that it was always one of the fattest of al, that was taken. He thought that from that day forward he would not eat much and that while all the others gorged on all the good food the farmer brought, he would only eat banana stems and garlic husks. In this way he began to get skinnier and skinnier and thus avoided the farmers knife.

This pig, being much smarter than the rest, also concocted another plan: he would always stay in the center of all the other pigs and slowly dig a hole in which to escape through. Every day he would scratch little by little, and each day the hole would get a little larger until the hole was big enough for his needs.

Finally, one day when there was to be a great feast with many pigs to be slaughterd and eaten, he quickly gathered up his family. That day he and his entire family escaped through this hidden hole to freedom.

In this way one pig and his family, through patience and the realization that one can bring death by one's own mouth saved the day, not only for himself but his family as well.

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