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I would like to thank my Oluo Siguayú (Padrino in Ifá), the babalawo (Father of the Secrets) Ordi Orgundá (Pete Rivera). I would also like to thank my Oyugbona in Ifá (Ogbe Ate) Miguel Perez of La Habana, and my Oyugbona in Abo Faca Julito Collazo. Without your wisdom and compassion I would be nothing. Again words are not enough to express the lifelong gratitude, love and respect I feel for you. You have all taught me not only the practice of the religion, but how to live.

I would like to thank my Padrino Obá Bí (Guillermo Diago) ibae, who was an Oriate in Cuba before coming to the United States (he has 50 years in Ocha) and my Madrina Ochún Cayordé. You gave birth to me in the religion and command my lifelong devotion, love and respect. There are not enough words in any language to show just how much.

If I am able to show even a glimmer of the beauty of this religion correctly it is to their credit. The mistakes are mine.

To my mother and my father, who gave me life in this wondrous world and in this wondrous time. Thank you.